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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, definitely you can learn Machine Learning and Data Science. Machine learning is not coding skills rather a combination of variety of skill sets. Including Business Understanding, Analytical Skills, Data Storytelling, communication and creativity. We also teach you from the ground zero. So , dont worry ! Just get Started !!

Its good to have a rudimentary knowledge about Python, Maths and Statistics. However, we will cover  these skills from basic. So, dont worry about it!! 

Machine Learning and AI is transforming every industries. It not just confined to IT industries. AI has many relevance in industries like Healthcare, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Finance. Your domain knowledge along with AI skills will help your career sky rocket.

We provide you the road map to learn and succeed. Our curriculum is designed keeping you in mind. We have tailored programs and certification courses as well as Bootcamps to suit your needs.  

You have a variety of Real-Time Industry Projects from different industry domains including Banking, Retail, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment. You also have many hands-on projects to get your hands dirty.